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Mary Keey elektronisches Pressekit



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- Facebook: 30'576 Fans

- Twitter: 2'700 Follower

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Stand Up by Mary Keey Official Music video
Shout It Out Loud (Official Video) by Mary Keey
Shout It Out Loud (Official Video) by Mary Keey
I Need You More (Official Music Video)
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@ Marykeey


The Swiss musician creates the kind of feel-good pop music brings out the best in people. Keey is recognized by her distinctive voice and effervescent energy, both of which endear her to fans across the globe....



Like a passionate heart enclosed between two offering hands beats with emotions, the show that the Swiss starlet has put together for
the new musical season is sexy but not haughty, sophisticated but not snooty, and a perfect reflection of her statement and delivery.


Mary Keey is an unbelievably hypnotic Pop Artist, who will have you dancing in the street. For lovers of electronic music who still enjoy real instruments being played, Mary Keey is the show you must see and hear. The Mary Keey sound is refreshingly distinctive. She crafts addictively catchy, up-tempo, feel-good songs, with pop and Caribbean influences. Mary Keey is inspired by many flavors of today's popular music, ranging from Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, to Imagine Dragons Machine Gun Kelly, and Ellie Goulding. Her willingness to bend genres, push the envelope and always deliver her authentic sound is what has brought Mary Keey popularity across The United States, and Europe with more surely to come. 


Mary Keey's journey began in 2010 and she has never stopped creating captivating new music. Year after year she has been able to ride the growing wave conveyed by her uplifting pop music. Now, after dedicating the entire last year to creating new music, magnetic pop blonde Mary Keey is ready to stage a brand-new and unforgettable live show. She is making good on a promise you can feel just by peeking at her social profiles or enjoying her visuals.

Fresh and adamant, the world of Mary Keey is ready as never before to
welcome you to a remarkable show, with her as the center of gravity for a new three-piece band, created to give you an hour-plus live show you will never forget.
Now more than ever; magic is in the air. Mary Keey is ready to bring her music, her feel-good delivery, and her sparkling energy, across Europe and the world. Are you excited and ready to receive all her catchy melodies and danceable grooves?

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