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Being at the Pride Festival last weekend has really made me think.

I actually haven't thought much before about it because I never made a distinction between one persons orientation or another.

But last weekend really made me think the pain some people have to go through just because they are not like everybody else.

And in a way I went

through similar things in my school time as I was mobbed pretty badly when I was younger. I haven't thought about it much anymore. But I do know how it feels to feel as an outsider.

And here is the thing. Organising festivals like the CSD Bielefeld brings people together and shows everyone they are not alone!

I met so many amazing beautiful people last weekend. All different and so special in their own way!

this is so much needed in times where lost a bit this sense of community. And I realise that I needed a reminder of this too. One of the reason I started writing in the first place. To inspire people to give other people the force to go on when going through hard times.

So thank you @csdbielefeld and everyone I met this weekend!

You are all wonderful don't ever forget that!

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