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Digital Me - My First Album Ever!

Mary's sound is undoubtedly fresh and distinctive: her songs are very catchy,

positive but never trivial or superficial. Many and different are the genres that influence it and the the result is an authentic sound with which she has managed to make herself known and appreciated both in the States, thanks also to several tours, the next of which will start in July around Europe.

However, this record is more rock than ever.

"Digital Me" talks about being

yourself in all its nuances. For this reason some

songs are angrier, in others the frustration emerges a little more, still others are more energetic and intense. The common trait is that in no song is Mary afraid to show her own thought.

"Digital Me" is the personal journey that each of us must find and take in the digital age to find yourself. We all have an identity in real life and then an online one that we usually do it always seems better than the actual one: social media are in fact often used to convey an image of oneself that is as bright, interesting and never boring as possible through shots and catchy captions, hashtags, stories and reels. A happy version of us, therefore, which leads to paradox that without visibility one does not exist.

All of this raises several new emotional problems leading us to question who we are really and how we can be ourselves when our "me" on social media is so perfect.

We often assume virtual identities to perform actions and say words that are very distant from our everyday reality. With “Digital Me” Mary wants to take off this mask and show herself for who she is in the so-called “onlife”, a term used to indicate the hybrid nature of our experiences daily, partly digital and partly analog.

But is the virtual real?

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