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Mary Keey in "Direct Actu" 

Mary Keey nous proposait il y a quelques mois un titre avec une teinte très année 2010. Actuellement de retour avec Chasing Stars nous avions eu envie de vous repartager ce premier clip qui nous avait séduit par sa réalisation propre.

Mary Keey wird Künstlerin des Monats September 2019

Hallo Mary, trittst du als Solo-Künstlerin oder mit einer Band auf?

Hi, ich trete normalerweise mit meiner Band auf und je nach Anlass auch in Unplugged-Formation und immer in etwas intimeren Ambiente. Ich bin mit Rock-Musik aufgewachsen und für mich war und ist Live-Musik immer mit einer Band. Es kommt einfach viel emotionaler wenn man zusammen Musik macht.


I’m more than a little bit jealous of Mary Keey, who has been spending her summer filming her latest music video on a beautiful coastal beach in Italy. The video for “A Song For You” will be released tomorrow, and you’ll want to book your next vacation or risk feeling serious FOMO.

The Swiss musician creates the kind of feel-good pop music brings out the best in people. Keey is recognized by her distinctive voice and effervescent energy, both of which endear her to fans across the globe.

Mary präsentiert ihre neue Seite

Die Oltnerin Mary Keey hat auf ihrer musikalischen Reise schon vieles erlebt – ein Studium Berklee College of Music sowie eine Tour durch Europa und die USA waren nur einige der prägenden Momente. Aktuell ist sie mit den Aufnahmen zu ihrer im Herbst erscheinenden EP beschäftigt, auf welcher ihr gewohnter Elektro-Sound neu etwas poppiger daherkommen wird.

“Mary Keey ist zurück – Stark wie nie zuvor Eine Weile war es ruhig um die charismatische Künstlerin Mary Keey aus Olten. Der Grund: Für ihren neuen Song „Broken Record“ hat sich die Sängerin bewusst Zeit gelassen. Am Freitag, 18. Mai, wird der Song released – und Mary Keey zeigt der Welt, was in ihr steckt. Olten, 18. Mai Mary Keey ist kein unbeschriebenes Blatt – im Gegenteil! Die Künstlerin ging bereits 2011 auf ihre erste Europatournee, wo sie Headliner mehrerer Shows war. Auch in den USA wurde man sofort Fan der aussergewöhnlichen Sängerin und ihrer hypnotischen EDM-Musik. Diese Kunst treibt sie nun auf die Spitze. Mary Keey ist zurück: Mit einer grandiosen Überraschung im Gepäck. Am 18. Mai 2018 erscheint der neue Song „Broken Record“. ----”

- Bettina Siegwart, Broken Record Release (May 18, 2018)

“EDM Invasion: Mary Keey We know history sometimes repeats itself. It is most evident with one particular industry, which is music. We experienced the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll then the explosion of the disco era. Both then lost their touch and alternative music caught the spotlight. What was to come next was anyone’s guess. In the early 2000’s dance music was attempting to break through once again. The arrival of artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry made it possible for dance music to break into mainstream. All this was happening in America. But back in Europe dance music was always a popular style that never really lost its ground.”

Nick Christopher, EDM Invation: Mary Keey (Oct 31, 2013)

“WELCOME MARY KEEY TO THE USA Good morning world. I hope you are all doing well this week. I love taking time off but coming back to 300+ emails can be overwhelming. This is exciting news I read on, “The average adult will spend over 5 hours per day online, on nonvoice mobile activities or with other digital media this year, eMarketer estimates, compared to 4 hours and 31 minutes watching television.” Just another example how the internet has changed the game for all media from music to print to TV. You know planning a US tour can be tough for a domestic band but how about for Mary Keey from Switzerland?! Well that is not getting in the way of the band, Mary Keey, who plan to start on the northeast and head west spreading their electro pop sound for all to hear. I am so excited to meet up with Mary & the crew in Boston I had to have them on first. Join us today as Mary Keey speaks on planning the US tour, what a live show for Mary Keey is like...”

Stoli, SkopeMag

“MusicDish reviewers critiquing the single said: “Closer” is an addictively catchy, up tempo feel good song that has a pop and Caribbean fusion feel to it. Great percussion and harmonizing with interesting twists of synth are the hallmark of this track. A bumping bass line, grooving guitar and other accents, including great phrasing and mixing make “Closer” a song that will burn up the club circuits, but it will also be popular for cruising in the car, or just having friends over for a good time.”

- MusicDish, MusicDish (Jun 10, 2012)

“Sometimes chance encounter is all it takes. It is that moment of serendipity where the universe is seemingly telling you: “you’re supposed to meet this person.” Such was the case when Mary Keey and guitarist/producer Phil were touring separately and met one another. And in that instant, both of their careers would change and the rise of a band would begin.”

Christopher West, Skope Magazine (Feb 04, 2013)

“...Some artists come together to make music and others just gravitate to each other because it’s meant to be. That’s the case with the powerhouse House/Hip hop/Pop/Electronic duo Mary Keey, who just released their debut single “Not Good Enough,” which is available as a free download at Their 5 track debut EP is expected to be released at the end of July 2011....”

- Mi2N Press Release