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Those days....

Those days when you think you have it all under control and then things come up! Today was one of those days. But one thing I can tell you new music will be released soon!

I am so excited! After all the ups and downs this year has brought. After all we've been through not only but with Covid's changes of our industry and with all the changes it's happening: A NEW AERA!

In the meantime if found this little photo from the time we were making the music video to a song called "After-hours". We had such a fun day thanks to the spontaneous friends over at Arthaios Filmstudio. If you ever need a great location for a music video this is definitely the place! We got to use all of their tools and we got to film in a rain-cell where we could make it constantly rain while filming.

It's one of those things you don't know you wanted to do until you did it. Also the Films we made there were absolutely amazing and we just had so much fun doing it.

After-hours will be ready for you in about a months time, which would mean end of January. I am very excited for you to see it!

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